Yokoyama Sou

Yokoyama Sou is a small non-profit kennel located in the southwest of Germany, which arouse out of passion and love for the Shikoku Ken. Giving our dogs a large amount of outdoor activities, good training and high quality food every day is of capital importance for us. 

We are very selective when it comes to our breeding dogs since we focuse on good health, friendly character and beauty, in that order.
To accomplish to the aforesaid points we work together closely with our partner kennel “Kasatori Sou” from the Netherlands as well as with other Shikoku kennels all over the world.

Unlike to other kennels our dogs live with us in the house and aren’t kept in kennels. We do a lot of off-leash and obedience training on our daily walks which we go for at least 3 times a day. Our dogs are well trained and socialized and we can take them everywhere with us. Our pack is always happy to meet new people and dogs.